About Us

This is the best job in the world.

“Unusual-Auto.com” was never supposed to be a full-time business.  I am Managing Director of Papp Brothers Automotive, LLC, a company that has imported vehicles since 2006, and I worked for years to import, federalize, and sell the holy grail of Toyota LandCruisers, the 70 series, in the USA.  For close to 3 decades people have tried to do this, and Papp Brothers Automotive, LLC finally did it.  Unusual-Auto was supposed to help pay the (enormous) bills of this project.  This project continues, but as non-public as I can make it.

I saw these JDM Micro Trucks a while back, and I fell in love.  I also believed I could make some spending money with them.  I had 12 years automotive import experience, so I ordered a few, which sold in a few minutes.  I don’t have a car lot, and I don’t want one, I simply import for those that know what they want, and I get it for them.  I figured I would make a little money on each vehicle to pay some extra bills.

I had no idea at the time how many other companies were doing similar businesses with these micro trucks.  I also had no idea I was pricing them at almost half what everyone else was pricing them at.  I literally price these 30-40% lower than anyone else in the USA, and guaranteed street legal at that.   And I make money to pay my for my other projects.

I LOVE doing this.  I find cars, negotiate purchases, arrange shipping, and deliver cars for less money than you can get anywhere in the United States.  I don’t have an inventory, and I hopefully never will – this endeavor is to make money, not tie up money in inventory, a garage, a car lot.   I’m sure this scares away 90% of my potential customers, but, that is just the way it is.  If you need to buy from someone that has inventory, Google is your friend – go pay $8,000 for something you could buy from me for $4000.  So far, I have no complaints.

I plan on doing this for as long as I can – like I said, I enjoy it, it is unbelievably fun, and I meet hundreds of new people, and 4-6 new buyers a week.  To do something like this after my regular day job, and to look forward to it daily, is a true blessing.

These are simply cool vehicles.  You really need to get one!