How this works

First and most important; I am not a “Used Car Dealer”, and I do not wish to become one.  I am an importer/facilitator.  I do not want a used-car lot, I want no inventory, and I want no retail outlet.  I do happen to be a Licensed Vehicle Manufacturer, but that is another story (see the “About Us” section for more details on that)

Because I will never have a lot and because I purposely don’t maintain any state-side inventory, the prices I offer are ALWAYS going to be lower than you will find anywhere else in the U.S. for a comparable vehicle.

So How Does This Work?

Vehicles shown on the first-page in the "Featured" section are vehicles I have purchased and are on the way here. EVERY other vehicle shown is in Japan, six to seven weeks away from the East Coast and four weeks away from the West Coast; I simply do not order a vehicle from Japan until it is purchsed by a customer here.  This method scares away MOST potential business I'm sure - I used to be very apologetic, very hat-in-hand sorry for how this was done, but no longer.  I have over 200 happy customers, most of them repeat customers, and you can't beat that with a stick.  I sell a car a day at least - I'm busy & happy.

Regarding the prices that you see on the website; The price shown includes EVERY cost associated with putting this vehicle in your nearest port (TACOMA, BALTIMORE, LONG BEACH, JACKSONVILLE, FREEPORT (TEXAS), NEW YORK (NEWARK), NEWPORT NEWS, SAVANNAH, GUAM, HONOLULU, GALVESTON, PORT EVERGLADES, OAKLAND, MIAMI and LOS ANGELES). I can also arrange shipping right to your doorstep.  THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL FEES WHATSOEVER!.  As everything I sell is over 25 years old, they do not need any modifications to be entirely legal for on-road use in all 49 states. (In California, nothing works) Buyers are furnished with the car, the keys and ALL of the paperwork required to obtain a valid title in every state in the nation.  It isn’t magic, trickery, or fudging anything, it is completely legal.  Everyone that has purchased one of my imported vehicles has been able to obtain their state title and registration.  Moreover, we can have your vehicle shipped to any other country on the planet – just tell me where and I’ll tell you what the price will be.

TERMS: For all vehicles listed on this website, payment-in-full is required at the time of order.  

Payment is by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, ACH (all thru Quicken) cash, check, money order, or bank wire. There is a 5% surcharge when paying with Credit Card, and check/money order must be sent using a tracking number.  FINANCING - Financing is available thru or  CAUTION – I will not “hold” a vehicle.  If you send a check, and someone else’s wired funds get here first, they get the car, you get your check back.  We accept no deposits to “hold” a vehicle.

The conditions of the vehicles are disclosed prior to purchase to the very best of my ability. Ask for more pictures & details, I have them.

All listed prices are completely, 100%, set-in-stone non-negotiable.  If you are literally standing in front of me with cash, then we can chat.  Buy more than one and of course we can negotiate.  In person.

100% Unconditional, No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee – Your Invoice will show this in writing as well; Papp Brothers Automotive UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEES 100% satisfaction with your purchase, with sole remedy being the return of the vehicle’s full purchase price (not including any shipping costs)   No questions asked, your money back.  This is not being nice.  This is not even to make sure everyone is happy (although that is a side effect)  Your vehicle will be worth more money just by the fact that it is already in the USA.  I’ll make MORE money on the vehicle if you want your money back.

Common Q&A

Q – Is this car 50-state Street-Legal?
A- EVERY vehicle sold on our website is street legal. In ANY state. Except for California. PERIOD. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. If you cannot get a title in your state with the paperwork I give you, I will buy the car back for DOUBLE what you paid for it. (I only offer this because it won't happen)

Q – But my friend's brother's mailman said these are not legal for road use in the state of (enter state here)
A- He is mis-informed

Q – Do you have any stock that I can come look at?
A- As most all of our vehicles are sold before they arrive stateside, very rarely do we have stock, but please do check with us on the off chance that we have something available. You can contact us and check, but probably not. We are not a used car lot and do not want to be one.

Q – Will you trade for X, Y or Z?
A – Z only trades we accept are green and have presidents on them.

Q – Can I meet with you so I know who I’m dealing with?
A – Of course – email, phone or text and we'll get together and you can buy me breakfast so we can chat.

Q – You expect me to pay for a car now and wait weeks for it to arrive?
A – Yeah, that part sucks. It is also the way this works. It is also why my prices are a fraction of the cost for the same vehicle anywhere else in the nation.